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This is the 1st game of the Age of Empires- Series released in 1997 by Microsoft Studios. It takes place between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. In-game there is 4 basic resourcers you need to gather, Stone, Gold, Food and Wood. Food is used to create new units, Wood for building buildnings and boats, Stone for building Walls and several other buildings, Gold is only for the most advanced and expensive unit and upgrades. The Goal of the game is to either kill all of the opponents or building a wonder AND keep it standing for a peroid of time. There is many civilizations to choose from in this game, ex. Egyptians, Minoans and Persians.

And here comes the longer descriptions

Age of Empires is a realtime strategy game within the ages of Stone Age and Iron age(About 300, 000 years ago to 1050AC). The game consists of Singleplayer campaigns/custom maps as of Multiplayer games. There is also a level creator and a help button, at last there is an option button and Time line.


The singleplayer content in this game consists of 2 parts, the Campaign and the random maps.

The Campaign levels is designed so you are given a task to complete, which can either of the following. Eliminate the enemies, build a hold a Wonder building or collect all the Artifacts and/or Ruins. There are 4 different campaigns in the game, all of which follows a distinct civilization trought thier history. The four civilizations in the Campaign mode are the Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonian and the Yamato.

The other Singleplayer mode is the random map mode. Here you will be able to choose civilization, you enemies(and how many) as well as other options. You can also choose to either play on a rendomly generated map or on another map that you choose, or to play on a map that you created. The random map mode does have a mode in itself called Deathmatch. In this mode every played starts with insane amounts of resources, and will be able to build anything. This made has simply one goal, to destroy all enemies, buy the other ways to victory are also availible(Wonders or artifacts and ruins.


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In Age of Empires there are mayn building to build for different pusposes, like for resource gathring, unit creation, upgrades, defence or many more. You will earn the right to build more advanced buildings as you advance through-out the ages. And every building gets a new graphic with every age too.

In the 1st age you will only be able to build a few amount of buildings, like dock, barracksand granary(There are more buildings)

In the 2nd age you will gain availability to build more advanced buildings, like stable, market and stone walls.

In the 3rd age the most advanced building will be unlocked, as Castle, Siege Workshop and Church.

But as you advance through the ages the building will get more expensive and you will need to mine even more stone and wood. In the Stone Age there is only a few buildings that you will be able to build. You will though start with an Town Center, for creation of villagers. The buildigs you will be able to build is:

Stone Age buildings

Name Cost Function Description
Town Center Not buildable in Stone Age Can train settler and research technologies to advance through ages This is the only building you start with, you cannot build another one until the 3rd age. This building can also be used as a drop point for all resourcers.
House 145 wood Increases you total population by 4 The only function of this building is to increase your maximum population by 4 in order to build more units. The total maximum population is at 75 population.
Barracks 125 wood Can train Clubmen This is one of the first military building you can build. Build this in order to access buildrights of the Clubmen from it.
Granary 120 wood Drop point for food At the moment this building is only a drop point for the food resource. Later you can research upgrades from it.
Storage Pit 120 Wood Drop point for Stone, Gold and Wood. For now this building is only a drop point for resourcers. But you will be able to buy upgrade technologies from it in later ages.
Dock 120 wood Can train fishing boats, warships and trade boats. Can at the moment only build Fishing boats and warships from this building. More boats and upgrades is coming in later ages.

Tool Age Buildings

Name Cost Function Descrption
Archery Range 150 wood Can train archer This building is used to build the first ranged military units on land, the Archers. More units and upgrades will be available in later ages.
Stable 150 wood Can train Scouts This building is used to train any sort of mounted warriors and scouts. At the moment only the Scout is available
Market 150 wood Can research technologies and upgrades. This building simply an research building, you can upgrade the settlers in various resource gathering tasks. Building this building will get you access to the farm.
Watch Tower ^^ Defensive tower that shoots arrows In order to build this you need to have finished "Research Watch Tower" at the Granary. This building is a defence tower built as a defence against individual enemy unit. This is because it can only shoot at 1 target the the same time.
Stone Wall 5 stone / piece Defencive wall to keep the enemies out This wall requires that you have finished the technology "Research Stone Wall" at the Granary. This is mainly used to keep the enemies away from you city. Ranged units and building cannot shoot over this structure.
Farm ^^ Used as a food source The Market needs to be built in order to build Farms. The Farm can be build in order to task Settlers to gater food from it. It can be upgraded from the Market. Unit canno walk over this structure.

Bronze Age Buildings

Name Cost Description
Governement Center 175wood This building is mainly used to research advanced upgrades.
Temple 200wood Building used to create Priest as well as upgrades for them.
Academy 200wood Used to create Hoplites and Phalanxes, which are heavily armored and armed slow units.
Siege Workshop 200wood This building is used to create heavy siege artillery which are unit that is mainly used to destroy building as they does much damage.
Town Center 200wood You start with this building, you use it as a resource-gather point, as well as village-creator and age-evolver.


Stone Age Units

Name Cost Function Description
Villager 50 Food Used to gather resourcers and build buildings. Can also fight if needed. This unit is the first unit in the game you encounter if playing random map. It is used to gather the four resourcers: Wood, Food, Stone ang Gold. This is also the only unit that can build buildings at a place to choose. It can be built from the Town Center. In random games you will start witha couple of this units.
Clubman 50 FOod Warrior You need to build the Barracks in order to get access to this unit. This is the first military unit you encounter in a random map game. It has low attack and defence and uses a club as a weapon. Can be upgraded in later ages.
Fishing Boat 50 Wood Used to gather food(fish) and to explore. You need to build the Dock in order to get access to this unit. This boat can only do one thing in this game, and that is to gather fish and bring it to the Dock. You can use it to explore early game tho, but only until someone upgrades to Tool Age and gets Access to ranged unit.
Trade Boat 100 Wood Used to trade resourcers between player and/or enemy/friend docks. You need to build the Dock in order to get access to this unit. This boat is one of two unit that can trade resourcers in the game. You choose a resource from you dock and the boats exchanges it for gold a another friend/enemys dock. The gold is not drawn from the players stock, the dock has it own gold pile.

Tool Age Units

Name Cost Function Description
Bowman 40 Food, 20 Wood Ranged military unit armed with a bow. You need to build the Archery Range in order to get access to this unit. This is the first military unit on land that you can build.
Axemen 50 Food Upgraded version of the Clubman Requires that you have a barracks and researched the technology "Upgrade to Battle Axe" in the Barracks. A slight better version of the Clubman. An upgrade in a attack as well as defense.
Light Transport 150 Wood Used to transport unit over the seas This is a boat that is used to transport 5 units at a time over water.
Scout Ship 135 Wood Ship used to explore and attack enemies. Military ship that can be used to explore and kill enemy units and buildings.
Scout 100 Food Unit used to explore the map A Stable is required to gain access to this unit. This unit is desinged to be used to explore the map since it can run very fast. It can attack, but does not hit very hard.

Bronze Age Units

Improved Bowmen 40 food 20 gold Improved unit with a bow Requires that you have finished "Research Improved Bowmen" at the Archery Range" Improved version of the Bowmen with more attack, defense and range. You can still build normal Bowmen.
Composite Bowmen Composite ranged unit with a bow Requires that you have finished "Research Composite Bowmen" at the Archery Range. An even better version of the Improved Bowmen with even more attack, defense and range.
Short Swordsmen 30food 15gold Melee unit armed with a sword Requires that you have finished "Research Short Swordsmen" at the Barracks. This unit is a slight upgrade in attack than the Axemen, but costs gold in addition to food.
Broad Swordsmen Improved Melee unit armed with a sword Requires that you have finished the technology "Research Broad Swordsmen" in the barracks. A slight upgrade in attack and defense from the Short Swordsmen.
Fishing Ship 50 wood Improved boat used to fish for food Requires that you have finished "Research Fishing Ship" at the Dock. A faster version of the original fishing Boat.
Large Transport ship Used to transport units over water. Requires that you have finished "Research Large Transport Ship" at the Dock. This boat can carry 10 units unstead of the normal 5 across water. All units in the boat are lost if destroyed.
War Galley Ship used to explore and attack enemies with Requires that you have finished "Research War Galley" at the Dock" This ship have more attack and range that the original Scout Ship.
Knight This is a fast unit with high damage, but also very expensive.
Stone Thrower 120gold 180wood Ranged catapult effective against buildings Requires an Siege Workshop This unit may be expensive but does high damage to buildings, good against tower. It can attack units, but can be hard as it fires slow and it is hard to attack moving units.

Iron Age Units

Name Cost Description Required Building/Technology
Elephant Archer 60gold 180food Archer that can take a lot of damage This unit does have a ranged attack and can take a lot of damage, but should only be used when used in numbers Archery Range
Horse Archer 70gold 50food Archer that can travel distances on a short period of time Does not do a lot of damage, but can be useful in terms of its mobility. Archery Range
Long Swordsmen 30food 15gold Medium armored unit that does medium damage As it can be produced at a high rate, can be very useful when in need of an army quickly Barracks
Catapult Trireme ^^ Expensive Trireme wth heavy damage Thip ship is like a catapult on the seas. It does lots of damage to buildings as well as other ship. But i shoots at a slow rate. And it can easily be outnumbered Dock
Heavy Transport Ship 150wood Used to transport 10 land unit at a time over the seas Can hold person unit accross water, and it have a litle more health that the previous. an upgrade useful to have on water oriented maps. Dock
Trireme 135wood Upgraded of the war galley Larger ship with more attack, defence and range. Dock
Heavy Cavalry 80gold 70food Heavily armored knight with high attack and speed. This unit can be very good since it has high attack, armor and speed, but it is also expensive and have low hitpionts Stable

Stone Age Technologies

Name Cost Description Required building
Tool Age 500 Food You need to have built at least 2 Stone Age Building(Not Houses) to be able to research this technology. Researching this will get you access to a new tier of building and units, as well as technologies. Town Center

Tool Age Technologies

Name Cost Description Required building
Axemen ^^ Gives you the availability to train Axemen instead of Clubman. Barracks
Small Wall 50 food Gives you the availability to build Stone Walls Granary
Watch Tower 50 food Gives you the availability to build Watch Towers Granary
Domestication 200 food, 50 wood Farms now contain 75 more food. Market
Gold Mining 120 food, 100 wood Increases gold mining by 3 Market
Stine Mining 100 food, 50 stone Increases stone mining by 3 Market
Woodworking 120 food, 75 wood Increases woodcutting by 2, increases Missile Range Weapons by 1 Market
Leather Armor 70 food Increases infantry armor by 2 Storage Pit
Leather Armor 100 food Increases ranged armor by 2 Storage Pit
Leather Armor 125 food Increases cavalry armor by 2 Storage Pit
Toolworking 100 food Increases hand-to-hand combat by 2 Storage Pit
Bronze Age 800 food, 200 gold Let you advance from the Stone Age to the Tool Age Town Center