Age of Empires 3

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Short Description

Age of Empires 3 is the 3rd game of this series developed by Ensemble studios and released in 2005. This game takes place in the colonial time (1400-1800) and is focusing on the discovering of the continent America. In this game there are about 24 levels on content in the campaign(Blood and Steel) and takes place i America. One big difference in the game is the replacement of stone. Stone has been totally removed, so there are now only Food, Gold and Wood, but it has been replaced by a new feuture called "Home City". The game takes place in the colonial times and by that guns and cannons are now intruduced into the game. Aslo every civilization starts with it own "Hero" unit. The Hero is a sort of super-unit and always have a special ability, like explore area or tame beast.